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Advanced DDSN.net Web Hosting Options

The DDSN.net service is not like those that you find among the mainstream hosting providers. We're here for website owners and designers who don't want their projects lumped into a network with thousands of other customers.

Our hosting systems are really advanced, but also really affordable.

We've designed a specialised advanced hosting network that is geared for speed, security, and reliability. The new network was launched in November 2009.

  • High availability servers/network
  • Redundant at every layer
  • Highly scaleable
  • Rapid deployment
  • Fully managed, 24x7

On top of that we provide a unique set of support and consultancy services that you can only get from a company like us.

Contact us to make an enquiry or get your new hosting system underway.

Shared Hosting

For business websites that require high end hosting services on a budget.

Dedicated Virtual

For serious business websites that require the ultimate hosting service.

Complex Hosting

For customers with specialised hosting needs such including clustering or load balancing, network segmentation, advanced security, or other specialised systems.

Other Services

More than just a server or a login, we provide a rich service that covers all your needs. The DDSN.net service is about much more than hard disks, CPUs, and servers.

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