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10 Reasons to Engage Us

1. It's a uniquely rich service

You can't get the level of integrated website support and  hosting service that we provide from a mainstream web host or a mainstream digital agency.

2. An advanced network without the price tag

Our hosting network is far more advanced than the ones you can access elsewhere, unless you spend thousands of dollars per month. We spent 12 months designing a fantastic network that we could use ourselves, then we offered it to our customers.

3. Complete server redundancy

We offer a high availability network, it's redundant at every layer. That includes CPUs, hard disks (SANs), power, network connections, firewalls, switches, the server platform itself, and even the people who run it all.

4. We're really affordable

Our services are really, really affordable for the level of technology and support on offer. A founding principle of our hosting business is the aim to make high end hosting services available to every day businesses.

5. We're local, and so are our servers

We're in Australia and our servers are in Australia too. Your local customers will get fast, reliable connections, and you'll be talking to local support people. (Our service extends to other regions too, please ask for details.)

6. We care

We're a small company providing a specialist service, so we care about your individual systems. Your website isn't lumped into a network with thousands of other customers. We take the time to learn about every server and site that we support. In fact we could probably give you a list just from our memories!

7. The service grows with you

Our service scales with your business, right from basic websites to complex hosting requirements.

8. We're website experts

We're not just another web hosting provider with some fancy servers and firewalls to throw at you*. Our hosting business is run by a leading web development agency. We build these applications ourselves, so we understand what they need from a hosting system.

* The firewalls and servers are really fancy, though.

9. We've been around a while

We've been doing this since 1997, and in 2009 we upgraded the entire hosting network from top to bottom.

10. You're in good company

Look at the customers who already trust our hosting servers and hosting support:

We love to work with smaller organisations too. We're a small organisation ourselves.

Please contact us to get your new hosting system underway...

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