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The Network

DDSN's hosting systems are designed on the basis of the most advanced and reliable virtualised computing environments on the market today.

An Advanced Network for All Customers, Big and Small

Fully redundant firewalls, switches, routers, SAN disks, and virtualised servers with automatic failover running atop a powerful ESX platform - all connected directly to a Tier 1 network provider (Bluecentral) in a world class data centre - ensure that your dedicated server or web application offers maximum availability and performance.

The design of DDSN's network is such that even the smallest hosting customer will be provided with the full benefits of the virtualised network, while at the same time the largest customer can extend and scale their hosting operations as far as needs demand.

Virtualised Servers

Each server in DDSN's network is a "virtualised" machine running atop a powerful ESX master server platform with VMWare deployed.

Multiple master servers are "partitioned" to provide dedicated separate virtualised server installations for proper separation of clients and applications, yet every individual server can access the full computing power of the master machines when needed.

The key benefits are:

  • Redundancy and reliability
    • Full (100%) server redundancy with automatic failover - If one of the network master servers is offline (e.g. due to an upgrade or maintenance, or if for some incredible reason it crashes), all virtualised machines automatically switch to continue running on the remaining master servers. So even if network servers are offline, your server or application continues to run.
  • Scaleability - Add RAM, storage space, dedicated CPU cycles, and other resources on demand with no new hardware to install. Even entire new servers are deployed within hours, not weeks as with standard hardware.
  • Speed - The full power of 8 CPU cores in each master server is available on demand to each virtualised server. So while your applications will normally run within a "normal" amount of CPU cycles (e.g. 3 to 4 Ghz), any server can "burst" whenever needed to utilise the full CPU power of the master network machines (many times faster than a standard dedicated server).
  • Fully monitored and managed
    • Permanent on site technical engineers in the data centre monitor the hardware and network connectivity 24x7 with immediate response
    • DDSN software engineers monitor your virtualised servers and web applications with 24x7 response service levels
    • A central point of support - your client manager at DDSN - is available for personal service whenever needed

Both dedicated servers and shared hosting options are available to assure that services with all of the high availability network advantages are available even to entry level customers.

Storage Area Network (SAN)

DDSN's dedicated SAN offers the following key benefits:

  • Redundancy and reliability - Networked disks are constantly monitored and replaced (with no network down time) if they fall below performance thresholds
  • Scaleability - Add storage space on demand with no new hardware to install
  • Speed - More disk spindles means faster file access times so applications that rely on disk speed (e.g. caching in a web application) receive benefits from a large collection of networked disks
  • Cost management - Multiple tiers of storage systems are offered: Very fast network storage for online applications and databases, and lower cost storage for simple data and log files.

World Class Data Centre

DDSN's close partnership with Bluecentral provides a unique blend of industry leading web application expertise coupled with the most experienced and qualified hardware and network support services in Australia. We've been working closely with Bluecentral for nearly 10 years.

  • World class facilities in Sydney, Melbourne, UK and USA
  • 99.9% systems uptime guarantee
  • Market leading hardware provisioned from Dell, Foundry, Juniper, HDS, and EMC

The world class data centre facilities are custom designed with raised floors, HVAC temperature control systems with separate cooling zones, and seismically braced racks. BlueCentral Hosting IDC's are further supported by some of the most powerful physical security in the business, from advanced smoke detection and fire suppression systems to 24/7 secured access with motion sensors, video camera surveillance, and security breach alarms.

To deliver the highest possible levels of reliability and performance, BlueCentral Hosting IDC's feature a redundant network of multiple fibre trunks from multiple sources, redundant power generators on the premises, and multiple backup generators. The goal: to maximize connectivity rates and overall site performance.

More information is available on request or visit http://www.bluecentral.com/.

Outsourced Services

In addition to all the advanced services and offerings listed above that differentiate DDSN's hosting service from the mainstream, of course the usual benefits of outsourced services are also part of the list of benefits.

  • No capital outlay, scale up or down as you need with minimum financial risk
  • Qualified and dedicated experts are handling your systems
  • Flexible service offerings and contracts

Advanced technologies and service capabilities are available to you on a moment's notice that are not available within your own business.

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