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The Service

More than just a server or a login, we provide a rich service that covers all your needs. For instance every hosting service is delivered with dedicated monitoring and support for your application, whether it was built by us or someone else.

Dedicated Support for Your Applications

One of the biggest advantages with the DDSN hosting platform and service infrastructure is the availability of our web software experts as dedicated support partners for your websites and online applications.

The common separation of hosting from web systems development means that very few providers in the Australian market place can make a full commitment to the health and growth of your systems. With DDSN there is no distinction at the support level between a "server issue" or an "application issue" - We're here to make sure your website is running at peak efficiency, no matter where the issues fall.

Traffic Reporting and Analysis

Advanced reporting is available for your traffic usage patterns to assure that your variable costs can be closely managed over time.

DDSN's centralised purchasing of bulk traffic blocks for multiple customers gives us the ability to offer you highly competitive data usage pricing as well as the option of cost effectiveness planning with lower rates for "pre-purchased" traffic.

Expert Service and Advice

The key to DDSN.net's unique service is the team of people who run it.

The web development team at DDSN Interactive is behind the idea of DDSN.net. Since we're experts in web applications - not just experts in server technology like most hosting providers - we have the ability to provide an integrated hosting and support system that regular web hosts can't achieve.

Our hosting business was initially created to fill a gap in the market that we encountered ourselves. We ran into a lack of options for affordable, advanced hosting services with real application support attached, so we created our own options.

When it gets down to the nitty gritty of hardware and server details, our partners at Bluecentral offer a seemless extension to our own expertise to make sure that DDSN.net is providing industry leading innovation at every layer of our systems.

Advanced 24x7 Application Monitoring and Support

Your applications are monitored and supported by DDSN software engineers, 24x7.

Even the most basic monitoring packages include server and application monitoring with dedicated support services for responding to unexpected problems. As a minimum, every individual website service or server is actively monitored via ping and HTTP content checking from multiple monitoring points. Email and SMS alerts are raised with DDSN if problems occur and software engineers respond.

Most customers in DDSN's network operate web applications designed and deployed by DDSN Interactive. So you have peave of mind knowing that the people who know the most about your applications are also the ones taking responsibility to assure they're always operating in good order.

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